ARTIST STATEMENT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

My art practice concentrates in elements of memory and social-political aspects of Puerto Rico and the United States. I do so by recycling and intervening discarded materials from offices, artist studios, beaches and construction sites among other spaces and reusing other art works as an analogy of the rhetoric and actions of politicians.

Using as a starting point the ways in which socio-political and cultural systems create structures (physical and psychological) to control the way we function, behave and exist, I’m exploring notions about separation, segregation and obstruction. Barricades, walls and careless packed objects, portrait my feeling toward the social-political time we are living in.

I’m looking into ways of creating tools of relief. Operating from the psychological perspective that in order to heal, one has to open up, release and confront, my works are cathartic objects. Meant to be an opportunity, for me to output what is bothering me and for some of the viewers of my works, to know they are not along in what they are feeling. Each work I produce, after serving its objective of pointing out or presenting an issue is transform into parts of a new object, with a new meaning.